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We have been discussing various wasy to call India either free or cheap way to make calls to india. There are many people who either love or hate betamax. Honestly, Betamax gives us the best rate however we often misunderstand their billing rates.

When Betamax says 1.5 eurocents, Its not 1.5 USD cents it's more than that. Unless Betamax clearly tells you the rate and of course, we can't forget their good old strategy to increase calling rates while you sleep in pyjamas.

That leaves you with little choice to make cheap calls to India. We recently noted that Tringme now offers 5 cents to India (Mumbai & Bangalore). Now Mediaringtalk offers 5 cents to India (All landline + Mobiles).

This is seriously a good calling rate to call any indian mobile or landline number at flat 5 cents per minute. If you know anyone else giving a cheaper rate than 5 cents per minute to India (except betamax), Please let us know.

Of course, we know one good offer by Pennytel which will expire on 31st January. They are offering 28 cents per call (not per minute), so you talk for 6 mins you already cover the price of a 5 cents call. You can even beat betamax rates if you talk for over 30 mins or so.

Of course, Mediaringtalk also offers free calls to many destinations such as UK, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. Mostly Landlines and mobiles in some countries are included.

So enjoy some cheap calling to India. Lets hope it lasts long. We will write a seperate comparison matrix for Calling India and Pakistan, so you can decide which VOIP Provider to choose while calling these countries.

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