TringMe VOIP opens up API for Third Party Application Integration

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Since the launch of TringMe, its core functionality and features have received great customer and industry feedback. The flash telephony technology primarily the base of TringMe as a VOIP service has been top notch. Now its open to public via API, so developers can now freely build VOIP/SIP applications, gateways or any other third party integration with large PBX/Asterix or VOIP softwares.

Developers of Adobe Flex, AIR, Symbian S60 or even a pure web platform like PHP, AJAX will be able to create web based, mobile or standalone voice enabled applications easily.

Developers can now develop applications based on TringMe API within hours instead of months or days with traditional coding methods. This makes the whole development cycle lot shorter and you can hit the market faster than your competitors.

Developers will be able to produce compelling voice/VOIP enabled applications using Flash, Flex or AIR technologies. For example, developers can create a fully-functional desktop phone on top of TringMe APIs using Adobe AIR technology.

Tringme API is totally FREE to build voice enable applications unlike some of the competitive API available in the market which come for a price. To extend the love further, TringMe has decided to even open up their Flash Technology and Mobile VOIP technology to developers so that they can build VOIP applications around this technology and leverage the core Tringme/TringSwitch features.

If you are a VOIP/SIP developer, I strongly recommend you take a look at TringMe API

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