TringMe Mobile VOIP launched

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After the initial success of Tringme Web Based VOIP calling service, Tringme has gone one step ahead and now offering you Mobile VOIP. Althought, It was only released for private beta for a few months, its now official out.

There are huge number of people who love to use VOIP but hate PC based VOIP calling services. The whole idea of PC to Phone VOIP doesnt click for many. For them, Mobile VOIP is great. All you need is a latest mobile phone which supports SIP VOIP and Wifi or 3G connection. You can then make totally free international calls using Mobile VOIP solution.

Tringme Mobile VOIP will be just an additional way to make calls using Tringme VOIP service. The core base of Tringme remains the same. You can still use your calling credits to make cheap international calls to countries worldwide. If you already have a Tringme account, we strongly suggest to use Tringme Mobile VOIP on your phone.

You can download TringMe Mobile VOIP application directly on your phone by going to It would download the SISX file which would install TringMe Mobile VOIP app.

Remember in your Login. You need to use your existing Tringme VOIP login/password.

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