Untimed Free International Calls to India

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We introduced Pennytel services a few months back and received a few good and bad reviews. Today, we look at another australian provider, Pennytel's competitor who offer 3600 minutes of Free International Calls talktime to India and several other countries.

One of our reader, Umesh has shared with us this new VOIP provider called SwiftCom. They seem to be based out of Australia. Although, they have multiple VOIP Calling packages, we highly recommend taking a look at Swift-SAVER package which gives 30 Free International Calls to various countries. Each call has limit of 2 hrs max. Techically they offer you 3600 minutes in total. The SWIFT-Saver plan is $9.95 per month. After the 30 FREE calls have been used up, you can still call those destinations for 20c per call. This rate is similar to Pennytel however Pennytel doesnt offer you any free international calls.

There are however a few things you must know before you actually go ahead and buy the service.

1) The untimed calls are only to Landline in countries (unless mentioned) here. I know many people are interested to know if India is included in the free calling destination. YES, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is included in the free international calls package.

2) Fair Usage Policy will be applied to any free international calls lasting more than 2 hours.

3)Its not very clear on their website on how are we suppose to use their service. Our best guess is SIP however its better to confirm. We suggest you call them.

Swiftcom is just another solution to save your money however we strongly suggest you ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. Lately, we have seen many VOIP providers claiming great service and customers end up getting poor quality of VOIP services. We also suggest that you must know about SIP or SIP Phones before buying this service unless you are interested in buying their VOIP adapter.

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