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VOIP Guide is probably the largest archive of Free international calls. However over last 1 and half year, most of the valuable information regarding Free voip international calls is hidden in the archive.

I have seen many new readers asking questions about free call to specific countries. This information is readily availably on VOIP Guide however scattered across multiple VOIP providers. We have been reviewing VOIP providers as and when they are available. We are now launching with a new project called "Free Call Series". I will make series of post over the coming days and cover almost every country which can be called for FREE.

There are many post which are still relevant and can be helpful for people who are looking for make free voip international calls to these countries.

1) Free Calls to Russia: A great way to make free calls to russia. We will add more alternate VOIP Providers to make free calls to russia.

2) Free Calls to Pakistan: We will keep a close watch on Pakistan and have some great new way to make free or cheap calls to pakistan. Will keep this updated.

3) Free Calls to Canada: This needs to be consolidated with multiple VOIP providers offers free international calls to Canada.

This project should be extremely helpful since people can simply look for information based on the country they want to call for free rather than finding VOIP provider and then looking for free calls offered by that voip service.

Let us know your views on this initiative and if you have any suggestions.

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