Fring VOIP on Symbian 9 and Windows Mobile

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Fring has been a clear leader in Mobile VOIP application development. They have been consistently adding new features and adapting to new technology almost every quarter.

Fring has now released their new mobile VOIP version with added features for all Symbian 9 devices and also for Windows Mobile. VOIP on Windows Mobile was limited to certain features but now they can do as good as any other Symbian VOIP enabled phone.

With great features such as seamless auto-roaming when you switch between Wifi points. Its actually very handy. The future is all about mobile VOIP and there will be lot more action coming up in this space once we have Mobile VOIP providers offering Video conferencing calls for FREE. That should hit 3G video business hard.

There is no end to what you can do with Mobile VOIP applications, however with many more Mobile VOIP providers bring innovative solutions to the table. We have build our very own list of things which should be a part of Mobile VOIP applications.

1) Ability do do Video Conference Calls
2) Free Conference Calls with over 20+ Participants
3) PC anywhere solution built into Mobile VOIP, so you can do stuff on the move.
4) All in one communications solutions with SMS/Phone/VOIP/SIP/IAX/PBX/Conference Calling features.

Although our wish list isnt too big, It might take 2008-2009 for us to see something like that in action. However am confident Mobile VOIP application developers will take things seriously. We got some great news on the SIP based Video Conferencing and should be writing a detail article soon.

Let us know what's your wishlist on Mobile VOIP

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