Intervoip offers cheapest international calls

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Do you want to make Cheap international calls to India. Then don't miss this post. This is by far the cheapest international calls provider we found lately.

Thanks to Murtaza, a regular reader and betamax reseller from Egypt shared a new VOIP provider InterVOIP. InterVOIP looks like another betamax product however it beats all other competitor betamax services such as voipcheap, dialnow, nonoh, voipraider etc when it comes to cheap international calls.

Although if you are expecting InterVOIP to provider free international calls, you would be disappointed. Intervoip doesnt provider free calls to any destination, however their rates are definately very competitive, I would say cheapest calling rates.

Lets consider Cheapest international call to India just costs about 1.5 cents (with VAT, 1.7 cents) per minute on InterVOIP. If you know any VOIP provider offering anything better, do let us know. As far as my knowledge goes, this is the best and most cheapest international calling rate to India.

You can also make calls via Access Numbers, however access numbers are only available in about 9 countries which doesn't include USA and Canada. However Intervoip offers PC to Phone, Phone to Phone. Most importantly they have full support for SIP. You can either use Mobile VOIP, SIP Phone, VOIP ATA or IP phone.

InterVOIP SIP Settings:

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your InterVoip username
Password : your InterVoip password
Display name/number : your InterVoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

If you are using Intervoip, do let us know your feedback on this cheapest VOIP provider. Rest of you guys, give them a try.

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