RingBranch relaunches call forwarding service

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We discovered a Grandcentral rival RingBranch a few months back. All Thanks to SatPhoneGuy. Later, they stopped new registrations to their personal switchboard and call forwarding service. However now they are back in business.

RingBranch is an ad supported Personal Switchboard, Auto-Attendant and Call Forwarding service that is a companion to your existing phone service. You need to call their access number (mostly available in your city-Only USA) and make unlimited free calls across USA and Canada. I know some people would question the concept why on earth I need dial a US number to connect to another USA number. RingBranch perhaps thought about this. Lets see what they got to say about this,

"If you are 1 of the 150 million people that still use a landline and are paying for long distance, then we typically can help save you money. By using RingBranch in conjunction with the local access number that we provide, you can turn a long distance call into a local call. You should always confirm charges and your rate plan with your telecom provider but our landline users have consistently been able to use RingBranch to eliminate their long distance costs. Additionally, certain mobile phone users are able to save money by using RingBranch. If you are on a mobile plan like T-Mobile’s MyFaves®, Alltel’s Circle of Friends™, you could use RingBranch to expand the number of people that you can call for free. Call 100 people instead of the 5 or 10 people your plan allows."

On top of it all, You can use RingBranch for incoming calls, Just call forward all your incoming calls to any number you prefer( within the USA). Usefull for call routing across numbers just like GrandCentraldoes.

Furthermore, RingBranch offers you Gizmo BackDoor Dialing Feature. If you not sure how to use Gizmo 5Backdoor Dialing, read our original post on RingBranch Gizmo 5 backdoor dialing.

Of course, RingBranch guys spend 20% of their valuable time on this blog, so if you got some ideas do put them on here, so those guys can work their brains and give you something you want :-)

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