Free DID numbers Providers list

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VOIP has gone mainstream and everybody today needs their very own VOIP Phone. However, VOIP is not just limited to owning a home phone service. With people moving all over the world, businesses catering to entire world its important that people can port numbers for other countries on their VOIP Phone and be able to receive calls.

A person based in Singapore has clients in USA and UK and he doesnt want his client to call a Singapore number to reach him. How about a USA and UK number for them to make a local call? Sounds great, this is where DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number) comes into play.

Today we put together the world's most comprehensive DID number provider's list. If you know a DID provider not listed here please let us know.

1)FreeDigits/TalkDigits/CallDigits/ClickDigits: All managed by SIP Number and all DID services are interconnected. Offers USA numbers for FREE.

2) IPKALL: Ipkall offers free usa incoming DID number. Washington State numbers of 206, 253, 360, 425)

3)GrandCentral: Get free USA number from any state. You can of course forward this number to upto 6 numbers in USA or Canada.

4)IPComms: IPComms gives free US DID number from over 5000 locations in USA. Offers Unlimited Inbound Calling, 2 Incoming ports (VoIP Delivered).

5)Orbtalk: These guys offer any geographic DID number in United Kingdom in any county.

6)Coms: Really one of the best Geographic DID number providers in UK.

7)Messagenet: Offers Free DID numbers in London, Milan, Rome or Turin area codes. Voicemail with an unlimited number of messages.

8) Num2IM: These guys offers a Free France DID number, which can be forwarded to your Google Talk/Yahoo/MSN etc.

9) LocalPhone: LocalPhone offers a cheap international call service and also offers a UK Geographic number which you can forward to your phone.

10) Speex: Offers Free cellular (057) Isreali number. Its a number with an extension so not pure DID. The site is in hebrew, so apologies for that.

11) TelFree: Offers a 087 number in South Africa. National Rates Apply.

Do let us know if you are aware of a DID provider and its not listed here, so we can add it to the list. I hope this Free DID number provider list will be helpful for everyone. Don't waste your money on things which you can get for FREE, especially when it comes to FREE VOIP :-)

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