Tuitalk offers free international voip calls

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Interestingly more and more companies are again entering the free international voip calls market, when some of the established players are looking to move to cheap international calls market. However the main focus is on the Advertisement based VOIP market.

Tuitalk is another such startup offering totally free international calls in lieu of Advertisement. The advertisements show up on Tuitalk Softphone and your calls are unlimited as long as there is a sponsor paying for it :-). Tuitalk seems like a venture of Turkey telecom or they have strong backing from Turkey telecom, which makes them more legitimate being a national telecom provider.

With Tuitalk, You can make free international calls to over 38 countries. During registration process, tuitalk tries to gather geographic and demographic profile along with your income/industry data which they would most likely to use for targetting ads as this service gets mainstream. At this time, they have some really good advertisers such as BMW backing their free calls service.

Let's see how to use Tuitalk to make free international calls.

1) Register at Tuitalk
2) Activate your account. Please note, they would ask you to enter profile information. Here a simple trick can increase your daily calling limit, Update Enhanced Profile to get more free calling minutes. I got 10 minutes per day. Not sure if this has any relation to geographic location you belong to.
3) Tuitalk is not a web based free calling service so it requires you to download their client. Of course it's not SIP supported coz then you can bypass their Ad server lol.
4) Download Tuitalk Softphone Client (Direct Link): It took me ages, their servers are extremely slow while downloading.DUH!
5) Now Login to Tuitalk and start making calls. The moment you dial the number, an ad will show up which is basically sponsoring your free call.

Please note while dialing up do not enter country code, just select the flag of the country you want to call or else your would confuse tuitalker.

At first look, tuitalk looks like a decent service. It would be interesting to see if they can survive in this highly competitive market. Try out Tuitalk and let us know how is the call quality and overall experience.

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