Unlimited Calls to India Diwali Offer

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Woot! It's Diwali Time and we are on the lookout for unlimited calls to India offers. We have already negotiated a great offer with Pingo which will be published soon.

Till we finalise our Pingo exclusive offer, Let's look at Pennytel's Talk till you Drop offer. We first mentioned about Pennytel last December and thousands of people started using their untimed talk offer. Today we briefly talk about their latest unlimited talktime offers.

Pennytel as most of you would know is a australian VOIP provider, but their service can be used anywhere in the world using a SIP Softphone (Check our 5 SIP Softphone you must download).

Pennytel has stopped offering the Unlimited Untimed Call offer a few months back but with diwali fast approaching, they seem to be relaunching the same offer.

You can now make untimed calls to India(incl mobile), Pakistan and Bangladesh at a rate of 38.88 AUD cents, which comes to around 27.30 US Cents per call. Please note this is per call. Your call is untimed that means there is no time limit on your call. Once you make a call talk as much as you want, Its unlimited call for 27.30 cents per minute. It's really a deal especially when people will be calling back home during diwali holidays.

With AUD going down the hill in recent forex transactions(I am also a forex dealer, FYI), you can expect to pay much less USD amount against AUD, so that's another good news.

For Information sake, Let me put down the Pennytel Offer and It's important that we analyse if there is any catch.

. Per call rates to over 140 destinations and now including India, Pakistan & Bangladesh
. Includes 50 FREE SMS monthly.
. 8cents untimed to over 70 destinations!
. Another 70 plus destinations for just 38.88 cents untimed!- This is for India,Pakistan and Bangladesh
. Free PennyTel to PennyTel Calls
. No commitment, contract or minimum terms
. No flagfall or connection fees!
. Per second billing - for destinations that are not untimed

I remember that Pennytel used to charge $5 per month as Membership cost which I believe they would continue to charge.

Pennytel also offers Access numbers in various countries but the system was damn buggy when I tried last time (Singapore number). You can try it all over again. They offer Shared Access numbers in Australia, USA, UK, Malaysia and Singapore.

For newbies, Pennytel works via SIP, so you need to setup a SIP Softphone (check our guide to setup a SIP Provider on SIP softphone)

Pennytel SIP Details:

SIP Proxy : sip.pennytel.com
Domain : sip.pennytel.com
SIP Register : Yes
Preferred Codec : g729, g723
Port : 5060

You can also setup Pennytel on your SIP Phone/VOIP Adapter or use their access numbers to dial out.

Please note, I spoke briefly with their customer support but it sucks. They have no clue whats available in their account page. DUH. Hope that doesnt stop you from trying them out :-)

Happy Diwali in Advance and let me wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

Secondly, hang on there, I am going to post another wild calling offer for Diwali.

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