Unblock VOIP in Middle East

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Millions of people in Middle East are fed up with new VOIP Providers being blocked. Every new VOIP service provider launched is blocked in these countries within 1 week. Today we most likely found a solution.

All thanks to one of the comments on another post, which forced me to check this tiny little utility called HotSpotShield.

This program adds another layer between you and your ISP which is often called as VPN. When you have hotspotshield on, you will be using USA IP address and your service provider in UAE would never be able to impose VOIP blocking feature. You should be able to use all your existing popular VOIP Providers such as Nonoh, VOIPRaider, VOIPcheap, VOIPax etc

How to use this program to unlock VOIP in Middle East?
1) Download Hotspot Shield (Mirror)
2) Click “Run Hotspot Shield”
3) The auto search VPN server, and connects

You can then try visiting some of your favorite VOIP Providers and check if they are now working properly. We do not gurantee that this method will work for you however it's worth a try. You can always discontinue using the program if its fails to work.

Good Luck unblocking VOIP in Middle East! Its time to start enjoying VOIP calls once again and make some free international calls

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