ALLVOI Unlimited Home Phone Service Review

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We had look at many unlimited home phone service and unlimited calling packages in the past, most of them however failed to live upto their promises. A good example is YupeePhone. Today we look at a new VOIP Provider called AllVOI.

ALLVOI is a chicago based home phone service provider who offers unlimited calling packages for domestic USA calls and international calls. The lowest calling package starts at $3.99 per month which gives you 500 Minutes for Domestic (USA), Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, only 3 cents per minute after 500 minutes, plus Free Unlimited In-Network Calling. This seems like one of the cheapest calling packages in USA. They also offer a decent $19.99 per month plan which promises to give Unlimited calling to 65 Popular International Destinations and Domestic (USA), Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, plus Free Unlimited In-Network Calling.The international plan also includes Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Spain.

Another interesting plan is Unlimited India Calling Plan. I wouldn't qualify that as unlimited. To be very honest, no one can offer a unlimited calling package to India or for that matter anywhere in the world. There is always a fair usage policy, some VOIP Provider publish the exact number of minutes allowed under the Unlimited Plan and some VOIP Provider just make it more difficult by saying "National Average Monthly Usage". I personally tend to favour companies who are upfront in giving more detail about their product offering.

ALLVOI although not exactly unlimited atleast tells us clearly that they offer 500 minutes at $19.99 per month which works out to 4 cents per minute. This is not exactly a very cheap rate. There are some VOIP providers like Mediaring offering calls to India at 1.9 cents per minute. ALLVOI is also a fairly new VOIP Provider with little or no background about customer service, Voice Quality which we hope some of our readers can comment on.

Considering multiple factors, I would stay away from ALLVOI for the time being. However it definately has the potential to become a successful VOIP Provider if they cut down the rate close to 2 cents per minute + reliability of service + good voice quality + customer service.

Most of you already know that my favorite VOIP Provider to call India is LocalPhone. Their rates are not the lowest to India but their voice quality, ease of use (access numbers) and customer service amazes me. In a extremely short time, they have overpowered some of the veteran VOIP Providers.

If you are currently using ALLVOI, we would like to know your ALLVOI review.

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