Doddle Web Based SIP phone Service

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VOIP is evolving everday and SIP is a core component of VOIP. Today, there are lots of SIP Softphones and SIP based VOIP services. To keep up with them and secondly, using SIP Softphones on the go.

The biggest problem with SIP based softphones is the availability. You must have them on your PC wherever you go. That means if you want to access your softphone from office, you need to install it again and so on.

Doddle is a SIP Phone service which lets you use your SIP account anywhere in the world via their web based SIP service. The good thing is they already have a few popular SIP services pre-configured, so you don't even have to configure their SIP.

Doodle is no fancy stuff, its just let you use the most basic SIP functionality and ask you the most basic information about your SIP service. There are similar services provided by Tringme in their account manager. However, there are no pre-configured SIP service in there and again you need a Tringme account.

Doodle is no registration service. Just start using the moment you are on their homepage. Doodle currently only supports Windows Based OS and SIP / RTP Protocols.

Doodle supports G.711 / GSM codecs and most of the latest browsers.

How to make calls using Doddling:

1. Go to Doddling.
2. Accept the warning security, click Run
3. Click Ok in the Welcome Message
4. Enter your VoIP Provider Settings
5. Click Login
6. After the “Login ok” message you are ready to make a
phone Call.
7. Digit the phone’s number.
8. Click Call
9. Enjoy

Let us know your feedback on Doddle, the new Web based SIP Phone Service.

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