FlashPhone VOIP became Flaphone

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Rebranding and Repositioning your firm in this highly competitive marketplace is a necessity for many companyies. Flasphone has reliased that sticking to their russian VOIP company label wouldn't get them much attention on the international scene.

Flashphone.ru is now official FlaPhone. A new website but the same service. However they made some good changes to their existing SIP Platform by adding support for Video Conference Calls using the latest Video Codecs.

One of the reason I posted this because there are huge number of Flashphone.ru VOIP service users on VOIP guide and its important for them to know that all user data was moved to new service.That means all flashphone.ru users and their accounts, including SIP accounts moved to flaphone.com, they can login and continue using flaphone service.

Flaphone is also one of the very first Flash based SIP service which is built using Adobe Air. You would surely need Adobe 10 Flash Player for FlaPhone.

1) Now users can use contact list.
2)You can add/edit/remove SIP accounts right in flash app
3)You can check call history.
4)can send and receive instant messages to each other and to/from SIP because flaphone supports SIP IM
5) flapone supports new flash player 10 feature - Speex audio codec, it supports h263/h263+/h264 codecs for SIP video calls, it supports fullscreen video chat.
6) Improved CallMe Widget now has DTMF tone recognition.

We believe FlaPhone's new interface looks lot slick and easy to navigate. If only, their free calls to Russia offer works as advertised. Whenever I tried It never worked. I am not sure if this offer is valid anymore but would love to see it enabled for some quick user experience.

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