offers Unlimited Calls to India

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Unlimited Calls to India market is hotting up once again and with many mainstream large Telecom operators entering this markets, the prices are getting pushed down even further.

This time, a Frech ISP and telecom company "" is running a promotion. If you take their Internet+Telephone+TV offer for 30 euros, you will get unlimited calls to over 87 countries worldwide. This includes India Landline.

Thanks to anonymous comments for the information. If you live in France, you better jump on this offer. One of the reason to signup for this offer is you are signing up with a Large telecom provider, which ensures reliability and customer service quality.

I am mostly wary of small VOIP Providers claiming big stuff and as their volumes grow, they can't manage the call volumes which results in pathetic voice quality, call drops..

I hope now more and more mainstream telecom providers start offering free calls to south east asia as a part of their residential Phone Package.

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