Nymgo VOIP SIP Configuration Settings

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Nymgo has really taken off as a great VOIP Provider for long distance calls and are able to provider quality service (still need improvement though). However many people have asked how to Configure SIP with Nymgo on Mobile and SIP Phone. Hopefully this Nymgo SIP Configuration Guide should help you configure Nymgo on your SIP Phone.

I would like to thank Wecaz and many others who contributed to this article through their comments.

The most basic SIP Configuration of Nymgo which should work with third party SIP Softphones such as Xlite is as follows:

SIP Server Or SIP Proxy Server: ata.nymgo.com
SIP User ID: nymgo username
Authenticate ID: nymgo username
SIP password: nymgo password
SIP Port: 5060
Codec Used: g729
STUN Server: stun.nymgo.com
STUN port: 80

The tricky part is enabling Nymgo on your Nokia or any other SIP enabled Mobile Phone. Wecaz written an excellent comments regarding setting up Nymgo on Nokia E51 and The SIP settings he used to configure his E51.

Public username : sip:myusername@nymgo.com
Service profile : IETF

Use compression : No
Registration : When needed
Use security : No

Proxy address :sip:ata.nymgo.com
Realm : ata.nymgo.com

Username: username (without @ata.nymgo.com)

Password: password
Allow Loose routing :Yes
Transport : UDP
Port : 5060

Registrar address : sip:ata.nymgo.com
Realm : ata.nymgo.com

Username: username (without @ata.nymgo.com)
Password: password
Transport : UDP
Port : 5060

Now Lets see the Nymgo SIP configuration on Linksys PAP2 or any other Linksys based IP Phones.

Proxy: ata.nymgo.com
Make call without Registration: No
Answer call without Registration: No
Register: YES
Register expires: 3600
Display name: Your name and last name
User ID:Nymgo username*
Password: Nymgo password*
Auth ID:Nymgo username*
Use Auth ID:YES
Preferred Codec:G729
Use Preferred Codec only:YES
DTMF Tx Method:RFC2833
Silence Supp Enable:YES
Fax CED Detect Enable:YES

Now Lets see how you can configure Nymgo on Fring:

Choose SIP from the list (press your joystick in to select items in the list) and press Next using your right soft key.

A new screen appears choose "Other" from the list.

Enter the following for Registrar Server settings:
User ID
SIP proxy
your Nymgo username*
your Nymgo account password *
* Your existing Nymgo username and password

Once Fring is registered to make a SIP call:
1. Choose a contact in your address book and press "Options" using your left soft key.

2. From the Call submenu, choose "SIP call". Your call is made using the Nymgo account you have added.

We hope this Nymgo SIP Configuration Guide will help you setup Nymgo with SIP. Let us know if you need further help with configuration.

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