IndiaMinutes Offers Cheap International Calls to India

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Lately, India Calling rates are falling faster than getting the stimulus bill signed in USA :-). Always better for consumers like you and me, VOIP providers are at straight out war when it comes to calling rates to India. Almost every week, we hear news from leading VOIP Providers with new india calling rates.

Today, we look at a fairly new VOIP Provider called IndiaMinutes. The funny thing is, its only for India. A dedicated VOIP Provider for India, a unique approach to business. IndiaMinutes at this stage is a USA based and works only from USA unless of course, you can call into USA number for free and utilise their service.

India Minutes claims that they offer the best calling rate to India. However not the best calling rate to India, Its definately one of the lowest when calling Indian mobiles phone which cost only 1.9 cents per minute. The rest of India calling rates vary between 2.4-2.9 cents per minute. We currently have no idea about their quality of service or quality of call.

How does it work?
IndiaMinutes offers their service via a toll-free access number in USA. once you register at their website and buy credit. You can dial the toll free or local access number provided on your receipt. A voice prompt will read you your available balance and prompt you to enter the number you wish to reach. You do not need to enter pin numbers. They can automatically recognize your phone number.

Of course, they provide online account management of your account. Being a India only outbound VOIP Provider, We might want to give them a chance however at this stage, we can't say enough about this VOIP Provider.

If you are of the existing IndiaMinutes customer, do share your IndiaMinutes Review with us and all other readers.

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