Pennytel VOIP Untimed Plan Update

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Pennytel VOIP Phone Service was extremely popular for over a year due to immense popularity of their Untimed Plans which offers unlimited talktime for a flat charge. However, Pennytel has now made changes to their talk till you drop untimed plan and made it more in favor of them.

Pennytel's Website says," From 1 Feb 09, we're changing the Talk Till You Drop plan. Calls to the 38.88c destinations will now be charged at PennyTel's low standard per minute rate (billed per second) for the first 38 minutes. The next 38 minutes is free! The following 38 minutes is charged at the per minute rate, and then the next 38 minutes is free. And so on. This keeps the charges low for short calls, but still delivers low charges (up to half price) for longer calls."

What this means to you as a Pennytel User: Earlier, you used to pay 38 cents and talk unlimited. Now you have to pay the normal standard calling charge to all those destinations and only after you talk for 38 minutes, Pennytel will allot another 38 minutes credit for that call only. That means you will have to talk another 38 minutes to actually utilise the benefit.

I would call this offer as literally milking the customers and pretty lame. I am confident that a smart customer will eventually go away from Pennytel to try other services such as LocalPhone or Nymgo, who in very short time gained a huge customer base and provided good quality service.

Please note that these changes only apply to 38c destinations, the 8cents destinations remain unchanged and will continue to offer untimed plan.

You can see Pennytel Official Details on the rate change.

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