AIM Call Out VOIP closed down

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AIM Call out VOIP Service by AOL is in the process of a shutdown. Unfortunately, They never took off with their VOIP Service,it was used only by a small number of people. I understand the pain to run a costly VOIP company and having a bunch of VOIP developers sitting in your office with no profit coming from the service.

AIM Call out received attention when they launched their VOIP Service, however they struggled to keep up with the competition. Call it bad marketing or just the way people associate AIM with messaging rather than VOIP Calls. AIM is still one of the best messengers out there.

If you look at Yahoo Voice, it also failed to establish itself as a promising VOIP Service, finally got sold to Jajah. AIM on the other hand could not possibly have the kind of volumes to sell off the VOIP business. Wonder what would they do with all the setup and people, hope its being reused and people being share across the technologies within the company. I know a few people personally working in AIM Callout Department.

However, I strongly deny the fact that VOIP is loosing it's pace. On the other hand, as i said before only VOIP companies with clear focus and innovation will stay long in this game and the rest would just dilute or merge or selloff. I would see more VOIP firms going down even in the residential VOIP market even though there is a strong indication that USA sales for residential VOIP might go up as people want to save money. However the switch from PSTN to VOIP can be tricky, as people are awry about taking any chances or trying a new VOIP provider during this touch economic time.

If you are currently a AIM Call out unlucky customer, I suggest you use all the credit. There are no indications unless otherwise confirmed to you that AIM will payout remaining credit to the account holders. The best way is to actually use the credit.

AIM will close their Callout VOIP service with effect from on March 25, 2009.
If you have used or using AIM Callout, do let us know your feedback on this VOIP Service and why do you think it went down abruptly?

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