Ooma Voip Phone Service integrates with Google Voice

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VOIP industry is closely watching the development at google voice and how it would effect the voip industry. Although many leading VOIP Providers look at google Voice as tough competitor, there are some VOIP Providers looking at opportunities by integrating google voice product into their existing VOIP Phone services.

Ooma is one such company daring to intergrate Google Voice into their existing Ooma Core VOIP Phone Service. Ooma will intergrate Google Voice's core features such as one number portability into ooma Core.

According to Rich Buchanan, chief marketing officer at ooma, when consumers combine Google Voice with ooma in the home, they “realize superior voice communication functionality with the greatest cost savings of any personal unified communications system available today.

The new features will do things like,

1) Help ooma users display Google Voice caller ID on outbound calls
2) display Google Voice text messages on home handsets and allow a call sent to an ooma home phone to be forwarded directly to a Google Voice number, just as if the call were originally directed to that number.

ooma would start working on these features very soon and exisying and new users of ooma can expect to see google voice integration very soon. Ooma is available only in the USA and its currently selling at Amazon for only $199.

Hopefully Google Voice would open up their platform for all users very soon.

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