VOXOFON VOIP Service Free Call Hack

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Well, we haven't really given away any free voip calling hacks for some time. I thought lets do one today :-) This is good old loophole often left unattended by many VOIP companies.

Before we begin talking about Voxofon VOIP Service, Have you yet read about actionVOIP, the cheapest VOIP Phone service for India? Do take a look.

VoxoFon is basically a cheap international call service although many VOIP Providers claim to offer cheap international call service its often costlier than other VOIP Providers. VoxoFon's calling rates don't really excite us at all. With almost 8 cents for USA to India calls on Phone to Phone is way too costly.

Voxofon offers free trial calls to a few destinations including India. That's where you can actually use this free calling hack.

It asks for your phone number and the party's number to dial. Se below picture.

Now the real hack begins here, The idea is to use more digits than your phone number. USA to India free trial call is only for 1 minute but with additonal number combination you can do as many calls as you want. Use your imagination.

Take Example:

First Call: USA number: + 18888888888 and India Number: +912225999999
Talk for 1 minute.

Second Call: Add any digit at the end of the number. USA number: + 188888888889. Don't change India number. So now you have a new combination, Voxofon system won't recognize that this is the same number and will let you make another call.

This way you can repeat as many numbers as you want. It really depends on how many numbers you can add after your phone number. At this time, you can add almost infinite. So Imagine, how many combinations you can make out of this.

For certain countries, the per call limit is higher than 1 minute, so you can expect to talk for long.

Just your imagination and make the most of it. Let us know how you are able to make free calls with VoxoFon.

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