SmartVOIP hikes calling rates for India

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In a totally unsmart move by SmartVOIP, they raised calling rates to India by 100%. If you call India Mobile or landline using smartvoip, you would end up paying double the calling rate.

SmartVOIP was offering 0.05 cents to India when lot of us credited our account in a hope that this is the cheapest calling rate to India. However, good old betamax is so good at making your dollars look cheap with one smart rate hike.

You will now have to pay 1 eurocent to call India which is not at all cheap. Actionvoip is currently offering better rates to call India.

Looking at betamax's historical call rate pattern, the new calling rate is here to stay for atleast 2 months or so. That means our $10 calling credit on smart voip is now only worth $5 :-(

Do you hate betamax for all the sneaky calling rate hike? If yes, we want to hear your comments on this stupid move by Betamax/SmartVOIP.

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