Guk Phone VOIP Service Review

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There aint a lot of VOIP services being launched lately. We didn't notice anything new from Betamax this month however we spotted a new VOIP Service provider called GukPhone. a new VOIP service offers cheap international calls through an web interface that means there is no need to download a gukphone softphone or setup gukphone via SIP. GukPhone use the Flash Player 10 for its web based softphone like tringme or flaphone etc.

Gukphone is offering 60 minutes of free international calls to destinations in their world calling package. There are a lot of countries in their world calling package for you to test their VOIP service quality.

How to make calls using Gukphone?

Use international Dial form: Country Code + Area Code + Local Number without any 0 or +, a phone number in Argentina Buenos Aires can look like this: 541145689876, a number inside the US 13124443456, you can call the gukPhone Echo Test by dialing 442012345678 (44 = Country Code 20 = Area Code 12345678 = Local Number)

Gukphone claims to offer a cheap international calls service however their calling rates are way higher than most international VOIP Providers. Calling rates to India are around 5-6 eurocents which is way too high. However, you can always give them a try for their quality and of course those worthy 60 minutes of free international calls.

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