Reliance iCall VOIP Service is a Joke

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Reliance communications is one of the largest telecommunication firm in India and the world. The name "Reliance" is enough for you to trust reliance icall. However, Users are mad at Reliance icall. Lets see why.

I have seen bunch of people almost everyday posting their bad experience with reliance icall VOIP service. Lets look at most of the common issues.

1) Call disconnection and call drop: Calls gets randomly disconnected or dropped at a few seconds or minutes.
2) Grey rate call quality when you can get ISD premium quality at same price with other VOIP networks
3) Zero Customer service. Once you deposit money in Reliance icall, consider that as donation.

I have seen users cribbing about Reliance icall for well over a year but did they improve their service? No, as if they just do care about the end users. I remember testing their dialer on Windows vista, it was freaking out because it was only tested on XP. Don't even try it on Windows 7.

In short, Reliance icall is not worth your money or time. Spend your money elsewhere. If you have any positive/negative feedback, post here and let everyone know.

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