Voxtrot Beta for Android

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Call through VoIP are widespread among the smartphone users. However, their use to be confusing and a different service may need to set up a network of contacts. Voxtrot offered in addition to Internet calling, a simplified service. Voxtrot is a free mobile network, offer free mobile to mobile calls on devices based on android platform. This application uses the broadband connection to connect the Voxtrot users reside anywhere in the world. As it is in beta, there might be some unwanted bugs, so be careful while using the application. You can download it from android market and can get latest update on its facebook and twitter account.
Voxtrot bet on usability. In most of the services and VoIP applications is necessary to establish a list of contacts and make calls from within the program. In the case of Voxtrot only need to have installed the app and it automatically get activated when another user whom you are calling also installed the Voxtrot application.
The application connects users every time you turn on the phone, so no need to run the application. If the person you called is not installed Voxtrot on his smartphone the call is made with the normal line service provider.
To use the application, it is not necessary to create a user name or password. It works with all connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi or 3G. Voxtrot may represent the next step of Internet calling services. VoIP Blogger reported that the founder Taavet Hinrikus, who was the first employee of Skype, said that traditional VoIP services fail to develop their applications as they are designed to run on a computer and not on a mobile. What do you think about VoIP on smartphones? What service do you prefer? Join Voxtrot Android Forum on Facebook and give your opinion. Try this new application Voxtrot Beta on your mobile device and make Free mobile calls to worldwide.
The launch of Voxtrot VoIP application for android again diverted the mind of service providers toward the Android platform. The user base base of android is growing very fast. Day after the day the android users are growing. Hence, various service providers are concertrating to capture the android market.

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