10 Reasons to Use Phone Cards Instead of Landlines

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Phone cards use the latest technology, called VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol). The main feature of this is that, instead of a phone line, the internet is used to carry calls and deliver them instantly to any type of phone number. Since these types of products avoid phone lines and use VoIP as a cheaper alternative, you can benefit from extremely low rates for your calling habits.

There are many reasons to use a calling card instead of your landline or mobile. Here are ten of the most important ones:

They are very cheap when it comes to making domestic calls and international calls since they use VoIP. Hence you can talk for long hours with the amount that you normally use to talk for minutes using your land-line or mobile.
These cards can easily be refilled using the auto-recharge option; this feature automatically credits the amount specified by you when the balance reaches a specific limit that you choose.
You can use a calling card on any phone, from your home, office or hotel. This versatile product can be used from the comfort of your own home or when on the road, traveling
VoIP makes it easy for you to get the best quality on the line no matter what part of the world you're calling. You will get clear quality every time, without interference.
Basically, these products are just a sequence of codes used to access the system of the provider. So anyone in your family can use it simply by telling them the code. This is a great bonus, if you want to share the use of a phone card
You can choose a product for a specific destination where you want to make calls frequently or you can also choose several countries to call with the same card. You choose the product depending on your calling habits and your desired destination.
You needn't worry about monthly phone bills. You choose how much credit you want to put on your calling card and you don't have to take care of going overboard with your spending
You don't need to waste your time with multiple codes. Just write down your PIN or, better yet, activate pinless dialing - a service that requires you to register your phone number to a PIN and connects you instantly
By just having an internet access you can easily purchase a phone card and make the payment using your credit card. Once the payment in made, you can start using your card to make any call from your place within minutes.
Since more and more people use this service, there will be many discounts and offers available from the telecom providers. This way you can make sure you'll be getting the best deal.

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