Variety of Services Offered By Network Operations Centers

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Today the Network Operations Centers (NOC) has a good variety of services like Server Support , Remote IT Infrastructure Management services etc. In this article we are discussing about another service of NOCs which is known as Web Hosting.

Web hosting has become very popular these days. It is an internet hosting service by which any individual person can create his own website. The website can be accessed via the World Wide Web. These websites are hosted by many service providers called hosts and they provide a space on their own server or any other server if they have any server on lease. The data center space is also provided by the hosts for other outside servers in their own data center.

It is used in hosting web page and also in small file hosting through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). When these files are opened they load as a web page. Many companies providing NOC services and some other web hosting companies provide this service on a monthly contract and many offer for free. Those who make personal web pages can take the benefit of single page hosting.

There are many types of webhosting a user can use according to its convenience. There are many hosting packages that can be used like free web hosting, shared, reseller, virtual, dedicated, managed hosting, collocation, cloud and clustered hosting etc. Another important aspect is to choose the host. Always choose the host that has maximum bandwidth so that heavy web traffic should be controlled.

With the web hosting service the user can take benefit of a server space to store the website files. The other important benefit of it is one can create many email accounts on its website. More number of email accounts gives a professional look to the website. It creates a brand image of the company and helps the organization to make its good will in the market. Hosting gives many exciting features to the website and help in promotion of the products and services through the advertisements. You can also communicate with your customers with this. Multiple domains for marketing purposes can be purchased and we can make secondary domains also.

Due to a host has a backup server a user don't has to worry about the server crash when there is a very heavy traffic of visitors and they also not able to view the webpage. Another benefit is that whenever your site goes down you don't have to wait for a long time because the technical support of the service provider is normally an efficient staff which doesn't take much time to resolve the issue.

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