Advantages of Handheld GPS

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Handheld GPS systems can go anywhere you go. Whether you're sailing or taking a road trip, they allow you to take your sense of direction with you.

Though many vehicles for land, air and sea transportation are embedded with their own Global Positioning System devices, a hand-held GPS offers significant advantages over their hardware-embedded counterparts.

First and foremost, a hand-held GPS device is far more versatile than other embedded devices. The Global Positioning System is often more detailed when used in other systems, but for individuals looking for guidance driving to a lake for a boating trip, a hand-held GPS device can be used both for getting to the point of departure and for tracking nautical locations. Though a number of devices rely on wired power, many new releases are battery operated, allowing it untethered versatility in a number of locations and environments.

Although there are much larger GPS devices, a hand-held GPS can be easily carried in one hand or in a user's bag or pocket, offering less intrusive assistance on larger hikes and trips. The hand-held GPS device can be used only when absolutely necessary, and other speaking devices can offer voice-guided directions without ever leaving the user's pocket. Hand-held GPS devices are small and weigh little, meaning that maintaining directions with the Global Positioning System doesn't have to weigh users down.

Many of these devices also offer Bluetooth integration, meaning that it can sync with mobile phones for directions and voice-enabled devices can also serve as the conduit for hands-free phone calls while focusing on the road or the water ahead.

Despite the sophisticated technology, a hand-held GPS is no longer a burden on a budget. High quality devices start at less than one hundred dollars, and come with high-detail color maps to offer clarity and simplicity in guiding its users. Many devices offer expandable memory and can download new maps and charts at little or no cost.

Though large cumbersome Global Positioning Systems are the norm for many users for specific functions, the hand-held GPS device is becoming the new industry standard for many users seeking versatile, sophisticated, low-cost options.

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