Amazing Android Applications to Amuse You!

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Android Application DevelopmentAndroid can be heralded as a platform for multiple applications as well as an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, and contacts. Android is an open source platform pushing developers to build richer and more innovative applications. Android offers these developers freedom to create applications to the fullest. They are provided with hardware, access location information, and run background services, set alarms, add notifications to the status bar. The beauty of Android lies in its magnificent platform and the freedom it offers to developers.
Straightaway, let's talk of applications of Android. If you need to entertain little ones, Android is there to support you fully. Dr. Seuss applications have come flooded the Android market to catch smaller ones. The Android applications are highly innovative and interactive as well. It is dealing with publisher.
Each book or application can be read through three ways. Firstly, you can choose the book you want to read. This application highlights each word as they are read by a narrator. Secondly, you can even choose to read the book by yourself or you can go for auto- play. If you touch the image on your Android based device that word zooms up! What a beautiful way of educating! The applications you are using for reading will have background music, audio, special effects and edu-training functionality along with the original artwork and text of the Dr. Seuss classics. Hence the whole process seems interesting. This application has hit the floor as it is loved by the kids. They just love to go for edu-training this way.
TweetDeck is another application of Android. This application has very high potential. Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and Foursquare are assimilated into one application in TweetDeck. Updates are colorful, displayed into a blended column. "Me" column is meant for seeing your Twitter @replies and comments like what you have on your face book posts Tweet Deck offers full scope to developers and designers for further add-on.
Everyone is hopeful of getting more refined and improved performance in controlling Twitter accounts along with better combination of Android hardware. Short time back buying cell phone was a mundane job. Persons who clicked snaps with their cell phones looked people of high society! Today the time has come that cell phone is competing with computer in almost all the areas. People are obtaining cell phone to enjoy those matchless applications! Android based cell phones can offer a lot of facilities and can be affordable also.
If you have an Android based device then you will be amused to see those applications which are all-in-one package! The compass application of Android is beyond the accuracy. This feature is not only meant for showing the direction. This works half like a compass, and half GPS Android application. It also shows you the direction, and the speed you're traveling, the perfect places or spots of your location and many more things.

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