The Benefits of Hybrid Laser GPS Devices

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When buying a device to help you get a clear view of the golf course and calculate your next shot, you would normally have two difference choices. You can go with GPS rangefinder or a laser range finder. Fortunately, golfers can get the best of both worlds with the introduction of hybrid laser GPS rangefinders.

Laser rangefinders work by helping you calculate those important shots. Simply look through the device and pinpoint the spot you want to calculate. The device will let you know how many yards are between your current location and the spot that you've locked on to.

The benefit of using laser rangefinders is that it is incredibly accurate and you can also zoom in to areas of the course to get a better idea of the surroundings. You'll learn about all the obstacles, curves, and elevation so you can take your next shot with confidence. GPS rangefinders use a bird's eye view system so you don't get as accurate an estimate.

Hybrid laser GPS systems bring the best of both worlds. It has the same features and function you would expect from a laser rangefinder with the additional benefit of the features you would find from a GPS rangefinder. Previously, you would've had to buy both devices for the best accuracy but with hybrid GPS rangefinders, that's no longer necessary.

You'll be able to get a GPS map of the whole course so you can successfully plan your shots and get an idea of how the golf course is laid out. You'll also learn about the various obstacles and intricacies of the course so you can focus on making your shot rather than trying to avoid any traps and taking the wrong shots.

These devices are loaded with thousands of courses located in the US. Many of them update their database which you can download straight into the device. In most cases, there are no additional fees for updates. Just be aware that some companies actually do charge you a small fee for updates.

Hybrid laser GPS systems really allow you to be dynamic with your game. You can record your own information throughout the course from dotting hazardous areas to adding notes to help you the next time you come around the course. Hybrid GPS devices are easy to use and very much customizable.

With hybrid laser GPS systems, you can feel confident all the way from your starting point all the way to the hole. Just take a few minutes to study the GPS and plan out your shots. When you make it near the green, you can switch it to the laser rangefinder function so you can make accurate shots. You'll also find it useful to use this function for long range putts.

In conclusion, hybrid laser GPS systems give you the best of both worlds. If you've been split on which device to buy, you should consider getting a hybrid GPS. These devices come with different features so you will want to look at a couple of different units and buy the one that has the features you're looking for.

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