Blackberry Bold

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Backberry, a phone by any other service wouldn't smell as sweet. It's always complicated to rate a Blackberry as the phone is almost entirely defined by the service it depends on. For those who have never experimented with the addiction that is push mail, Blackberry is a whole new world.

How then, does the Bold do as an interface the wild world of data on the move? Decked in beautiful chrome and 80's porno set leather, you might mistake this oversized phone for a dodgy hip flask or try and surround it with a few leather poufs and a dachshund doorstop. This completely retro throwback however, is not unappealing although combined with the phone's size can be a bit of a shock at first. That said; the handset's incredible capabilities quickly supersede its outer shell and it becomes clear that despite looking like a laugh out of a museum, this phone is actually a deadly business ninja.

What you get in exchange for supersized, 80's chintz is one of the best screens the cell phone has ever seen, the most tried and tested of QWERTY keyboards and an OS that is so solid and functional that you can open those 10MB TPS reports attached to your boss's email without even batting an eyelid.

After activation, all that is needed is an email address, username and password and Blackberry does the rest. Within minutes mail begins to flow in the exact way that after hours doesn't. The buck doesn't stop there though; with the Blackberry service enabled, the phone becomes an incredibly robust GPS, stock ticker, weather station, VOIP tool, gaming device or anything else you heart desires for one fixed cost per month.

It should now become evident that Blackberry's service could make even a rock with EDGE appealing but that doesn't mean this phone is any less awesome. Endowed with 3G, Wi-Fi and every other mod con the modern business man could ever ask for, the Bold is, to date, the most pleasant way to take your email cellular. Notebooks beware.

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