Different Types Of GPS Devices

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Over the last couple of years, the subsequent sales of in-car GPS devices have risen to twice as much as they did about two years ago. Motor vehicle Manufacturing companies are now the best target market for GPS devices. The devices offer car drivers navigation aid by the use of maps and directions as they drive in a place. They also offer traffic alerts as well as the possibility of connecting a mobile phone into the car. There are two kinds of GPS devices that are available in the market namely the permanently fixed and the portable GPS devices. The two kinds are common in the market and have a major difference in that the portable GPS device can be removed from the car while the permanent may not be removed.

The permanent GPS devices are commonly attached onto the windshield of the car on the inside with the use of a big suction cap. It may also be placed on top of the dash board with the use of a friction mount. It is very easy to install the permanent GPS and no tools will be required to carry out the task. Before one can use the windshield suction mounts, ensure that the law permits the use of GPS devices in a given state. Some states such as California do not allow car owners to use them. Once the GPS device is purchased, follow the simple installation procedures that are given in a manual by the manufacturers. Permanently fixed GPS devices are also referred to as in-dash GPS devices and offer the drivers a clean nice look.

The second type of GPS device is the portable ones which come in a wide range of designs and types. These include the hand held portable GPS device that is quickly gaining popularity since it contains many features such as a cell phone, car tracking device, PDAs and a multipurpose GPS device. This device is easily portable and can be removed or added into the vehicle with great ease. These devices can be used in almost any car and are very convenient to carry on foot. There are various differences that will be seen in the handheld device when it comes to their mapping service, features and their overall performance. Some of them may provide the users with only the latitudes and longitude coordinates while others will offer the user the 3D maps and voice directions.

There are other kinds of GPS devices such as those used while boating and are also referred to as marine GPS. They are used to locate sunken objects and track objects in water. The technology used in these kinds of GPS devices is the sonar technology. They fall under the category of the portable GPS and are popularly used in ice fishing. They are also used in fishing vessels to locate the best fishing spots so that even when the vessel returns to the sea, they can easily locate the spot. The marine GPS that can be purchased vary in prices and features as well. With the wide range of GPS devices available accompanied with diversified features like waypoint icons, converters, calculators, MP3 players, image viewers, address books and audio book players among others, selecting one is an easy task as long as you know what the qualities of a good GPS are. They come in a wide range of prices, brands and designs.

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