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Some time back when Mobile VoIP was got famous it puts many thinkers in adventure that what would be the next future of VoIP but before they brought up something without taking much time Apple rush in to mobile market and launched iPhone and from that point of time VoIP becomes more understanding and popular.

Today in this blog you are about to get some real information how to make free mobile calls and free calls from iPhone. The inception of any VoIP calls is internet that's the reason why many of us still stuck with this term "Internet Calls" which is undeniable sort of technical too. But still if you are new to this and started wondering that what the heck these then why you don't start reading and try discovering it yourself.

The idea behind Mobile VoIP is quite reasonable and hold most of the future as compare to usual VoIP calls, video calls and even phone calls because the simple example is that Mobile Phones is the most closer thing to human being after cloths or sometimes before it and that's the scope of this device.

Today you are going to know about an application with which you can make free calls using your iPhone. Well, how is that possible? Yeah it is, you can call anyone from any where without paying a penny, don't you think it sound wonderful? So back to the point Viber uses WiFI or 3G technology from which you can make your calls free but before that you need to check which of you contact is already in Viber. Those contacts which are showing in Viber, you can make free calls on them.

The future Viber story is that it that it is about to launch Android and Blackberry version too. The other advantage of this application is that you can call free to other Viber users. Good sound quality and free calls to anywhere around the world if its other Viber users, what else anyone wants?

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