Google integrates with Googles Gmail Voice[Video]

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is Gmail voice leak talked today? Google officially announced is, confirming that U.S. users should see added to the list of Gmail chat in the next few days. Initially the service will be free of charge for outgoing calls to numbers U.S. and Canada, but also offer Google international price from $0.02 per minute.

call phones from gmail

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Google Voice is not required To use Gmail for voice calls, but if you have a number through the service will be used as outbound ID. Search for the Giant contains instructions to enable Google users to receive voice calls through Gmail.
If youre a Google Apps(in schools or enterprises), it will take a bit longer functions for voice calls to be achieved, and there is no public timetable for persons outside the United States to the service. Given how long users have been waiting for Googles international voice, I would not advise holding your breath.

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