Hook One with a GPS Fishfinder

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Every fisherman has his own ideas about what spot is the right spot. And we all have our favorite spots. But with a GPS fishfinder, you'll never run out of hot fishing spots!

By investing in a GPS fishfinder you can mark your casting points with incredible accuracy. You can also keep track of scouted areas so that you can return to the same spot again and again. Using GPS fishfinder technology is also an ideal method for patterning.

There are many great fishing forums on the Internet. And with a GPS fishfinder, you can share your fishing coordinates with friends and forums. After storing your coordinates and readings, you can create fantastic post fishing trip analysis.

You can purchase a GPS fishfinder with a color screen that displays fish depths with clearly marked fish icons. You'll also find that the constant depth reading just may save you from getting hung up in shallow waters. And many units will display an accurate depth even when motoring at full speed.

Installation of a unit is fairly simple. The fishfinder will run easily all day on one charge and is waterproof. No need to purchase an additional waterproof housing. Most units come with very easy to use menus and large screens, have good clarity, and are viewable in bright sunlight.

A decent GPS fishfinder will set you back about $300 for an average unit. Depending on the bells and whistles, you could spend up to $800. But this technology will assist you in not letting the big one get away!

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