Hosted VoIP Solutions: Low Cost IP Carriers and the Financial and Operational Benefits for Business

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Hosted VoIP solutions have been revolutionising business processes worldwide. The incredibly advanced user features and benefits far outweigh the use of traditional PSTN lines and PXB telephony which has been relied on since the 70’s. However, since the introduction of broadband internet which allows for a super-fast connection to the web, PBX phone replacement systems have far surpassed the abilities of old technology and have set the standard for communication in business.

Low cost carriers work by digitising voice signals collected by a VoIP phone handset through a broadband connection to an IP platform. From this platform, the signals are sent to the required destination – another VoIP phone, a PSTN connection or a cellular phone.

Advanced features
The features of a VoIP phone system are advanced, especially to benefit business users.

VoIP calls are free between users. Because the data is sent over an internet connection, there are no added costs. No hefty installation costs or line rental are required for phone lines as these are not used.

Hosted VoIP phone systems have an easy user interface which does not require time consuming training. VoIP providers allow for user friendliness with online tools which have controls which are simple to use.

From these simple controls, personal customisation is possible. Control of the systems and use of features is easy and hassle free.

Low cost IP carriers allow for communication between multiple locations. Instead of limitations to where hosted VoIP phone systems can be used, the softphone applications (the user interface for VoIP phones, usually displayed on a PC screen) follow those in the VoIP network wherever they go. Provided the VoIP user has an internet connection, they will have access to the communications network, no matter where the VoIP user is located.

Calling, voicemail and fax also have advanced user features with hosted VoIP solutions. Those on a VoIP network can decide who they would like to receive calls from and between which times. Voicemail can be listened to via audio playback or viewed as emails from one inbox. Faxes can be sent directly to an inbox where files in digital format can be examined and forwarded on.

IT managers overseeing a massive computer network need not worry about lengthly and costly operations with a VoIP phone system. The system can be managed from the internet allowing IT managers maximum control over features and functions. Receptionists can still manage multiple calls and divert calls to relevant departments and individuals. Detailed bills can be also be accessed via the internet.

Reaping the benefits for business
Enormous benefits for business can be enjoyed from the features enabled by low cost IP carriers. The most prominent is saving money. Huge savings are created by switching from PSTN to VoIP. Money is saved on installation, line rental and call costs because VoIP uses an internet connection to allow calling and data transmission. Calls are free between sites and have low tariffs when calling PSTN lines. Use of a hosted VoIP phone system does not waste time with training requirements because the interface is so simple, despite its advanced functionality. In business, wasted time is wasted money. The money saved by using VoIP telephony can be used for better business ability and client and employee satisfaction.

Even further to benefiting client satisfaction and business efficiency is the influence hosted VoIP telephony can have on the productivity of a business. VoIP allows a business to communicate internally and externally with greater effect. Calling, email, fax and voicemail features, global roaming and satellite services and other advanced telephony features allow for fast communication and action. Businesses and clients or branches can work side by side even when on opposite sides of the globe. When productivity and swift, efficient delivery of client services are achieved, clients are left happy and business will be more profitable.

The advanced user features of low cost IP telephony coupled with the easy usability and lower costs have transformed business communication from being an expensive and limiting procedure to advancing business operations and assisting in the successful running of a corporation. Employers and employees can stay in touch with ease and communicate with clients without hassle. Hosted VoIP technology has truly projected business communication to a new level of efficiency.

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