Hunting GPS - My 3 Favorite Things to Do With My Hunting GPS

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I love using my GPS unit for hunting. It has really help out in a number of ways. GPS technology can help you when scouting, hunting, and recovering an animal.


* When scouting I like to use my GPS unit for marking areas I would like to glass when doing a spot and stalk hunt.

* I also use it after I have set up my tree stand or ground blind so I can easily find my way in the early morning hours before the sun rises.


* While I am out hunting I will use my GPS to guide me to my tree stand or ground blind in the dark, morning hours before daybreak.

* I will also use it to look for good areas to hunt in a spot and stalk situation. By using a topographical map that is loaded into my GPS unit I can find canyons, springs, and tanks to look for animals.

* Another great use for my GPS when hunting is marking my vehicle or camp location in my GPS so I can easily return to it after my hunt without a lot of backtracking.

Recovery - Tracking an Animal

After I have shot an animal I also make a waypoint of the spot where I shot it from. Then I mark waypoints for each bloodspot I come to. If the blood trail in very heavy I don’t make as many waypoints however if it is a small and scanty blood trail these waypoints can really help out if the blood trail end. With the help of these blood trail waypoints you can go back to the last good blood spot and have a better chance of recovering you animal.

As you can see a GPS is very useful when scouting, hunting, and recovering an animal.

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