Hunting GPS Q&a - How Can I Use My GPS for Recovering an Animal After My Shot?

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Q. How Can I Use My GPS For Recovering an Animal After My Shot?

A. You can use your GPS to track a blood trail by entering a waypoint for every blood spot you come to until you find your animal.

After you have made a shot on an animal that you are hunting, the first thing you want to do is make a waypoint of the position you shot it from. This is something you can do while you are waiting before you start tracking your animal.

When you are ready to start tracking your animal go to where you believe your animal was standing when you shot it. Make a waypoint of this position as well. It may also be helpful to go to the last spot you saw the animal and make this a waypoint, too.

By now you should have blood that you can start to follow. Depending on the amount of blood will determine how often you want to make a waypoint. If it is a heavy blood trail you will have to make fewer waypoints. However, if the blood trail is light and faint you will want to make far more frequent waypoints.

These waypoints will give you a great reference if in the event the blood trail dries up. If this occurs go back to the last waypoint you recorded and start looking in all directions to pick up the blood trail again.

These waypoints will be extremely helpful in the event you need to spot the search at night and resume it will fellow hunting buddies come morning light.

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