IP Video mail to BlackBerry by XCast Labs

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Fans and lovers of BlackBerry phones and devices will be happy to hear that IP Video mail has been recently launched to BlackBerry phones. Blackberry phone is the latest craze amongst mobile lovers these days. The latest and innovative technologies in these phones make them even more popular. Features like WiFi, VOIP and other various applications make them one of the best VOIP applications to use.

XCast Labs

XCast Labs is a software service provider that offers a wide range of software and hardware solutions and services to their customers. Making use of such services enables companies to offer integrated and best VOIP solution at affordable rates.

This company has been into this line of business for many years and still continues to grow at a rapid pace. Some of their services also offer Class 5 switching with IP PBX, video telephony and many other applications.
IP Video mail with BlackBerry

Recently the company has come up with IP Video mail applications that will enable BlackBerry users to send and receive video messages to their friends and families. This is possible only if users have a soft or a vide phone application. In addition to this best VOIP solution offers traditional voicemail facilities as MP3 attachments which can be sent to emails via RSS feeds.

How does this IP Video Mail Work?

Regarding the working of this fabulous application; IP Video Mail works by analyzing Blackberry’s firmware and device type. Once everything is analyzed, it immediately offers a link to the video mail corresponding to that particular device or firmware.

This best VOIP application automatically detects the BlackBerry device and allows users to send and receive pictures or texts in matter of seconds. This application only works on BlackBerry Pearl, Curve or Storm models. In addition to this, users can also arrange for video conferencing using these services.

A Word from the XCast’s Team

The team of XCast is very pleased with the design and development of this application. According to the CEO, Mr. Cliff Rees the integration of the company’s application with the BlackBerry devices is a critical step for their company. The success of this best VOIP service will allow XCast to expand their markets to newer heights and attract more customers.

Since we all know that BlackBerry models are an ideal choice amongst the corporate customers, XCast team feels confident that by using IP Video Mail services with these devices will offer users with high quality video messaging. This is indeed the best VOIP solution till date to be introduced with BlackBerry phones.

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