Mobile phones and Nokiaphones

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The mobile phone has in recent years from a simple mobile phone for multimedia all-rounder developed. Current Smartphones have a right to develop communication center. In the multimedia section in addition to current smartphones offer mobile phone camera and MP3 player, almost a requirement, a mobile phone are already extensive capabilities. In combination with navigation software and maps, a cell phone navigation system, which alone navigation devices not have to hide stand in front. Almost every current smartphone has a GPS receiver, which is now standard for a smartphone is already. Smartphones with GPS receivers are starting from 250 € to have no contract. Most Smasrtphones have a relatively large screen, the mostly non-reflective and bright enough for use as navigation in the car.
The well-functioning touch screen with ease of use contribute to the smartphone reference to the device with a stand-alone solution absolutely can withstand. Before buying a mobile phone should, however, several cell phones compare to find the right phone. However, you should definitely a car cradle and car charger have to, otherwise cell phone battery to the GPS and Internet use is claimed to be the strong and the battery life is greatly reduced. If you want to receive traffic reports direct and route planning to include in you need a separate receiver TCM. TCM receiver does it with an integrated GPS receiver, so that cell phones without a GPS receiver can be used as a navigation device. Another issue is whether an off-board navigation solution or opt for an on-board navigation solution.
In the off-board navigation solution maps for route planning loads only what is necessary from the Internet. At a distance of 100km is a data volume of about 2MB on what should be included in the cost of mobile communications when mobile internet flat rate does not. For regular use without internet flatrate solution is not suitable and this one could be better-priced stand-alone buy a Navi. In selecting the data plan for mobile phone, you should but the more expensive types of T-Mobile and Vodafone use better, as the networks of these providers have expanded considerably better. The advantage of an off-board solution is the one always resorts to date maps and very little space on the mobile phone is required. For regular use is recommended, however, an on-board navigation solution, as this is much more reliable and not so much the Internet is dependent on. This map data is stored on the smartphone or on a separate memory card. However, current navigation systems cost, and good stand-alone already less than 200 € and this raises the question whether it is worthwhile to use the phone as a navigation device. Those who only occasionally or even once navigated is rare ore with an off-board navigation solution well advised. During regular use, we recommend a solution on-board for mobile phones. However, in this case are charges for car charger, car cradle and the navigation software including maps to yet.
Car charger are cheap, but what can holder with a price 25-80 € can not be said of the automobile. The navigation software suggests 50 to 150 Euros. This ensures that even if one pays price quickly to 100 €. The navigation software for mobile phones differs little from most of the software for stand-alone navigation systems. About the online features of the smartphone can also transport data, strobe and other supplementary data are available, which in normal navigation devices is not possible. In relation to the navigation software that brings the mobile phone in conjunction with the online features advantage in contrast to normal Navis.
Navigon MobileNavigator 7
Price: 69 € for DE / Alps - 99 € for Europe
Operating systems: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile
The Mobile Navigator by Navigon has 7 in its Windows Mobile and Symbian version to various functions. The Mobile Navigator is optimally adapted for use on smartphones and provides very good results with navigation. As the only navigation software, the Mobile Navigator 7, the possibility of mobile traffic and weather data to receive. Also there is an update service for maps.
Garmin Mobile XT
Price: 89 € for Europe
Memory card can be supplied in various formats.
Operating systems: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm OS
The Garmin software supports all operating system software as the only and very easy installation. The navigation has many features and works very reliably. Since the software for suppliers or ambulance is used, there are many additional features.
CoPilot Live 7 from ALK
Price: 100 Euro for DE / AT / CH - 150 € for Europe
Kate memory and DVD are included
Operating systems: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile
Easy and quick to operate. However, weaknesses in the small town with the assignment of roads.
Route 66 Mobile 8
Price: 60Euro for DE / AT / CH - 120 € for Europe
Operating systems: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile
The navigation software Mobile 8 works well and provides for quick wrong turn, an alternative route. However, the functionality is limited really down to the essentials.
Violin Lessons of Sygic
Price: 80 € for Europe
Operating systems: Symbian OS, Windows Mobile
Sygic Mobile sometimes suggests somewhat complicated routes and not open to traffic congestion warnings and reports to use. Little additional features and mediocre navigation.
TomTom Navigator 7
Price: 50Euro for DE / AT / CH - 70-80 € for Europe
Operating Systems: Windows Mobile
The TomTom Navigator 7, there is now no longer separate, but only pre-installed on some Windows Mobile devices. The software shines with a similar functionality as the stand-alone solution. Fast operation and sophisticated navigation.

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