The PS3 Jailbreak is already Broken and soon to get Patched

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After 4 years the PlayStation 3 was the last of all last gen consoles to be hacked and it was carried out with the well-known, yet high priced PS3 Jailbreak.
PS3 fans rejoiced and had been excited to have the ability to play backup PlayStation three games on their consoles, but that excitement may well be short lived. Sony is well aware of the PS3 Jailbreak and has plans to break it.

There are quite a few reasons why you may well want to reconsider Jailbreaking your PS3 including the pricey price of the PS3 Jailbreak, the long waiting list, voiding your warranty, and now the fact that Sony is already planning to release a patch which will render the PS3 Jailbreak totally useless.

The excellent folks over at are reporting that PS3 Jailbreak suppliers are sending out emails to PS3 Jailbreak owners warning them to not update their PlayStation three systems past the 3.41 firmware. PS3 suppliers are also claiming that they can't guarantee that the PS3 Jailbreak will support future PlayStation three updates. The PS3 Jailbreak allegedly blocks updates, but lots of people today have preordered their PS3 Jailbreaks and some haven't received them inside the mail yet.

Sony can quickly trace systems that have the PS3 Jailbreak installed and Jailbreaking your PS3 can result in a PlayStation Network IP ban and will also void your PlayStation 3 warranty. Honestly, in case you were to weigh the risks of the new PS3 Jailbreak, it's most likely ideal to stay away from it for now. Maybe, as time passes, there is going to be much better or more refined methods for hacking your PlayStation 3, but the current method seems to have too lots of kinks in it.

Sony has put lots of work into making sure that the PlayStation three wouldn't get hacked and I wouldn't expect them to just give up now. The fight between Sony plus the PlayStation three Jailbreak can get messy and I wouldn't want to get caught in the middle of the crossfire. In the event you want to Jailbreak your PS3 I'd suggest that you wait for a tried and true PS3 Jailbreak - or a minimum of until the costs drop.

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