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Pinger is a American service that is offering free sms to anywhere in the world, which is unlimited. The service is supported by sponsors external, which are charged shipping, therefore need to see some ads in the application. This application I have installed on iphone, ipod touch and Ipad. We have proven a ipod touch 2nd generation Updated to version IOS 4.0 and has the Jailbreak, which works excellently. We sent messages to all companies, Cellular and some of USA without any problems. Another property possessing by this application called Textfree Unlimited, this will assigns you a shipping number of USA itself, which can receive text messages and you can check your message whenever you want. The application tells you if you have some pending message. To obtain an account in you will need a U.S. Postal code, your name and valid email id. On the other hand, it has just announced that this application will grow and allow phone calls. Here you can see some pictures of the application: Visit here New Text free with Voice: Pinger, The popular developer of communications services of smartphones, announced today Text free with Voice , based on first suite of communication applications for smartphones, provide free phone numbers for text messaging and calling features. The current version of Textfree Version 3.4 of text messaging is the leading application in the iTunes App Store. Text free with Voice will be available later this summer, it includes free voice services via 3G and WiFi. The new service will alter drastically the rate of traditional structures of mobile phones by text, voice traffic and advertising. "Smartphones are becoming the standard for consumers phones, but they are tied to an antiquated billing framework , "said Greg Woock, CEO and co founder of Pinger. "Our ultimate goal is to offer free calls and send text messages to the four million Mobile subscribers throughout the world. " Traditional companies charge hundreds of dollars per year to consumers only by wireless text messaging plans. unlimited messaging plans for individuals can cost as much as $ 240 a year, while the family unlimited messaging plans can cost up to $ 360 per year. Text free with Voice combines actual numbers for messaging and phone calls through data channels, resulting in consumer savings of hundreds of dollars per year in the text messages and voice costs. Pinger plans to offer Text free voice directly to its 20 million iPhone OS customers. offers Text free voice to consumers due to compensation of mobile advertising expenditures. Pinger has partnership with leading mobile ad networks such as Google, AdMob, Quattro Wireless, and the media communication Goals and plans to fully support the recently announced platform IAD of Apple. "Once services communication break their ties with their analog roots, will be free, " said Joe Sipher Head of Product and Marketing of Pinger. "It is totally free to e-mail and instant messaging, and Pinger will be carried out with text messages and calls. "The hard part was finding ways to monetize the free service. We have done with our unique advertising model . " Textfree voice will also revolutionize the connected devices, such as iPod touch and IPAD. These devices access the Internet through Connection Wi-Fi almost ubiquitous. This means that consumers can routing text messages and phone calls direct to Pinger. Therefore users may be free, the text and voice services without a relationship or contract with traditional mobile carriers . Well as you can see it sounds very interesting and surprising, will have to wait to release the application with ability to make calls at the end of summer. For now enjoy unlimited free text messages with Pinger. Pitifully this application one can only get at the apple store of USA. For Ipod Touch here I leave some instructions that made my friend, who is a geek and fan of these duties. visit here.

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