Skype VoIP on Android Brings More Options To Users

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Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones has become all of the rage. They are taking over phone systems in the business work place as well as in many homes. Those who still have a need for a land line are flocking to the VoIP service providers to get the phone service they need. It is no wonder that many of the cell phone companies are looking to get into the swing of things as well.

So far, there have been apps which allowed users to have a close approximation to VoIP. The problem was that it was not true VoIP because you are still paying to connect your calls through either your data connection or you had to pay for some other kind of service. All of this has changed with one of the new apps which have been introduced by Skype, Android and Verizon.

The new app will connect you to telephone systems throughout the world for far cheaper costs than you would have paid before. This includes being able to make voice phone calls and video conferences right from your phone. The service is available for all Android 2.1 versions and later.

The way that the VoIP works is by allowing you to make phone calls through the Wi-Fi connection the Android 2.1 offers. Just like using VoIP systems everywhere on your computer, you will be able to make phone calls from your phone. The only problem that some trying to use the service as business telephone systems found with the new app is that because you are reliant on Wi-Fi, you are bound by either staying in one place or using another service by Verizon to create a mobile hot spot.

Apple has an answer for those looking to use Skype without having to rely solely on Wi-Fi. Their Skype app works through either 3G or Wi-Fi. This way you will not have any restrictions as to where you can make phone calls from. This is a version which is preferred by many because it is impossible to use the Android Skype through 3G.

The reason why many people believe that the 3G service was cut to the Verizon network is because they did not want to face problems with the rest of the cellular industry. There is speculation the reason for the switch is actually due to the contract which was struck between Verizon and Skype.

The way that the system works is, you will use the Skype account that you already have to make phone calls from your cell phone. Direct free phone calls and IMs are available for those who are making a connection with the other Skype contacts that they have saved on their account. By sinking up to your computer, your phone will automatically be able to sync contacts. You can then make calls directly and for free to those contacts you have through the Skype app.

Of course, you are not restricted to only the phone calls you can make to other Skype customers. You will be able to make phone calls to any phone systems. The only difference is that you will have to pay to make the phone calls. This is done through a Skype VoIP account which can be set up through a Pay per Month or Pay per Minute basis. You can even set up a Skype credit card. The phone calls you make will cost far less than those you will make through your regular phone service, but you will have to pay.

The technology providing VoIP to smartphones are allowing people to do more for less. This is great news for those making huge cell phone payments every month. While this is not enough to completely cut the costs for business telephone systems, it is enough to help individuals to have a lower cell phone bill.

It seems that the issues many have been experiencing with their Samsung Galaxy S for VoIP and Skype use will see renovations soon. As Skype improves the technology of their service, more services will be able to get into the mix by allowing their users to use the cheap connection ability.

The older models of Androids will be able to use the Skype app, but there will be some connection issues. This is because of the lack of ability to use the system over the Wi-Fi system. It is also because the technology had not been perfected until the most recent versions.

While it seems that VoIP is the service of the future for all phone systems, it also appears that people will have to wait as the apps are created to link each kind of OS to the VoIP phone systems.

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