Viber allow free calls for iPhone user

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Everyone who has an iPhone will want this application. This application is called Viber and will allow iPhone users make phone calls to each other for free, either with a 3G connection or Wi-Fi without any problems. Viber makes use of VoIP technology and notifications push that let you make calls with a higher audio quality than that of regular GSM calls. We all know that Skype does not offer free calls to other Skype users at this time. Whenever two iPhone users have the application Viber installed and their numbers are present in each other contact lists, then they will get unlimited free calls, either over 3G or Wi-Fi. Unlike Skype, it is not necessary to add users to use the service. It is enough to have installed the application and contact number, Viber automatically detect that another person is using the same application or not, no matter the model of your iPhone. Some are having trouble while installing the application because they do not receive SMS for activation. No problem , we believe that this application will be very successful, especially because it works with Call. Besides all this services it promised that very soon will launched an application for Android. Also Will add text messaging service to the Viber and possibly an application for Blackberry is underway. So get ready to make free calls to other Viber user, no matter wherever he live. With Viber you can make calls to anyone, live anywhere in the world but it is necessary to have Wi-Fi or 3G access.

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