VoIP International The Pros and Cons

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VOIP international phone calls are one of the most preferred ways of reaching and contacting people outside of the country. Not only is this cheap, but the use of such technology is very simple. VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol, it provides us ways of contacting and calling people through the use of internet technology. More and more people are using this technology and while there are many advantages that you can get by using this type of technology, there are also some disadvantages that you should first be aware of.

VOIP or Voice over internet protocol cannot work with our internet connection.

Since this technology is based on the reach and scope of the internet, it goes without saying that you can not make this technology work unless you have your internet connection with you. Also, the quality of the sound and reception of your calls will be dependent on how fast your internet connection is. The faster the internet connection is the clearer and more audible the sound that you receive and transmit will become.

VOIP or Voice over internet protocol can not work if there is a power failure.

Not only is VOIP reliant on the internet connection, but it is also reliant to computers when you want to call other people. For example, there is a power shortage and you cannot turn your computer on, you cannot have access to VOIP services. This is unless you have a laptop or a back up generator that you can use.

VOIP or Voice over internet protocol tends to slow down when you are using it along with another application.

More so than other applications in your computer, VOIP software tends to slow down when you use it in conjunction with many applications. Uploading videos for example, will not only eat up all your network bandwidth but it will also eat up your computer’s memory making your calls choppy and prone to breaking up. This can be a hazard when doing VOIP international calls. Remember that for best results, you need to run the application in itself.

Seeing as these disadvantages are very much minor in detail and can be easily worked around, these weaknesses is over shadowed by its main advantage which is the cost of international calls.

VOIP or Voice over internet protocol is the cheapest option that you can get in the market.

The cost of international calls when you are using VOIP international phone calls is very much lower than the cost of international calls when you are using your telephone or your cellular phone. Much lower in fact that that you can have unlimited local and international phone calls while paying only a fraction of what you pay for your cell phone bills. Through the use of internet technology, VOIP phone calls are the best telecom option for you and your company.

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