VoIP Software and softphone development

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The StarTele Logic's Symbian VoIP is lightweight standard based VoIP phone software. Based on the industry standard SIP protocol, it is compatible with all VoIP devices and services. It can call any other SIP soft phone / IP phone (for free charge) or any landline and mobile number via a VoIP service provider of your choice.

The called person can accept the call on a VoIP device (soft phone, IP phone, call-center application) or can be contacted directly on their landline or mobile phone numbers. All usual call routing features can be enabled (call forward, call transfer, etc)

With StarTele Logic's Symbian you can quickly add VoIP capabilities to your Mobile The rest is up to your imagination.

(SYMBIAN, WINDOWS MOBILE, ANDROID, AND IPHONE) Project Description:- This is a VoIP dialer by which we can make VoIP to VoIP and VoIP to gsm call.

The application has following features:

1. Balance display on top

2. Dialer status display (Registered etc.)

3. Account number display on screen

4. Phone book support

5. Call history incoming outgoing missed with duration of call

6. Redial Function

7. Speaker

8. Hold/Unhold

9. Ulaw, alaw, gsm, g729, AMR codec support

10. Call and hangup operation must be done using Call and Hangup buttons

11. Incoming call alert with ringing

12. Gsm Call Alert when on VoIP call

13. Gsm call answer when on VoIP call

14. Account Setup (username/password)

Social networking websites
As a portable communication tool between company employees
VoIP enabled support pages where people can call your support people from your website.
VoIP enabled blogs and forums where members can call each other
HTML Call me button
Callback and phone to phone functionality

VoIP enabled sales when customers can call agents

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