Voip software required to make free international calls

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The following list gives the choice of the best operators and VoIP service providers to make free international calls :

1 - VoipCheap:
In the original version, this Voip software or this application is very reliable and offers superior voice quality, especially for long distance free calls to landlines or mobile. From VoipCheap you can call more than fifty countries. This the only need to use your computer without having recourse to any commitments.

2 - Jajah:
Unlike with other VoIP providers Jajah is that it can make calls directly from a landline or mobile, the only need to connect to the corresponding site and register your number and your correspondent. Within minutes, both phones start ringing in question to different places interposes. Call is normally no need for headset plugged into your computer.
So no software needed to make a call.

3 - Gizmo 5:
It is also known as Gizmo Project. This is Voip software that lets you make calls to several countries. The only inconvenience with this system is that both parties must go through the corresponding via Gizmo to be registered and their respective numbers.

4 - Mobivox:
It remains among the most efficient providers of VoIP. It requires no software installation on the mobile or on the computer. Once registered, the service offers 10 minutes of free calls to more than fifty countries. The strong point with this system is that it allows to make free Skype calls or contacts from your mobile phone.

5 - Pfingo:
It is a service that gives you a free phone number. This number can make and receive calls using a program called "Talk Pfingo" which you simply download from your registration package computer. $ 3 test would be offered, If you are satisfied you must pay by credit suite. This is a Voip software that is easy to use and allows sending sms free. The only drawback is its poor voice quality.

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