The Best GPS 2011 Watch

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If you are a triathlete trying to find the best GPS watch, you must first set out your goals and what you want to accomplish and then figure out just what features you want in one of these watches that will help you accomplish what you want. There are plenty of these watches on the market, but they all may not have the exact features to help with your set goals.

Triathletes are intense athletes that are always pushing themselves to do more and to be better at what they do. Being a triathlete doesn't mean it's do one type of workout and then quit, no sir. It's do the running then on to some biking and then some swimming or rowing or some other activity. For these athletes the harder they can push themselves the better they feel. These athletes also need a way to measure their workout and keep track of what and how much they accomplish. It's the only way to get better.

Enter the GPS watch. So what is it that these watches do that can help this type of athlete get better at what they do? Well, for the most part these watches can help map out a trail that is easy to follow yet intense enough to push the bounds of the workout. These watches will also let you see your pace, the distance you have gone and the time it took for your workout. If you are trying to better your workout this is valuable information. It gives you something that you can try to beat.

The best GPS watch will even come with a heart rate monitor, computer interface for downloading your information to your computer and target alerts for when you meet a set target. As you can see these watches do more than tell you where you are or where you need to go. These watches are very handy tools for the triathlete.

So who makes these watches? Some of the brand names that manufacture these watches are Timex, Casio, Garmin, Suunto, Polar and Bowflex. So who makes the best GPS watch? Well, Garmin is well known for making some of the most innovative and best GPS devices around and their watches fall right inline with that history.

Some of the Garmin GPS watches even have features that you can't find in any other manufacture's watches. What it will ultimately come down to is what you what to accomplish and what is the best GPS watch for you.

The Garmin 310xt Forerunner is one of the best GPS watches you can buy. It monitors all of your workout activities and is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. Get more information on the Garmin 310xt Forerunner including where to get a good price by clicking the link.

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