Callback Service: Facilitating Instant VoIP Connection Worldwide

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The Callback service of VoIP can be accessed due to the presence of calling cards. The calling cards can be brought at any place of the world and connectivity can be established. The user is also motivated as the services offered by VoIP service providers are known for their high quality sound and some excellent facilities. This system works by means of an access number. The number is provided to the customer by the service provider. This number allows user to connect to VoIP network at cheap calling rates.

The presence of the virtual calling cards enables users to access the VoIP service at the best sound quality possible. With this excellent facility and sound quality, the Voice over IP user can make calls to people residing at any part of the world. The Callback service functions under the principle that the user just needs to dial a special trigger number. Just on dialling the number, the service provider makes a call to the customer. The user is instructed to dial a destination number. The user then dials the number that helps establish the connection. At the end the call, the user simply has to press the # button in order to place another call. In case VoIP calls are received by the user, there are no charges charged for it and the user can receive the call free of cost.

There are also some salient features of the call back system. This system is based on services such as SMS, ANI and Web call back. The messages are routed after being integrated with the VoIP communication system. The billing procedure is also made simple. With the online billing portal, the user finds it very convenient to pay off the bills once the account is activated.

The callback service is not just restricted to computers and laptops. The user can also make use of mobile phones or land line phones to avail the services. One pre-requisite is the availability of internet connection as it is indispensable to avail Voice over IP connection. Thus, the user can make long distance calls by making use of international callback service. There is also speed dialling that enables establishing faster connection to frequently dialled numbers.

This service offers a very fascinating feature. The user now need not have to dial the callback number again and again. One can dial many calls at the same time without dialling the call back number. One of the primary benefits of the service is that, people can make international calls at low rates and at same time enjoy the benefits of high quality connections. Moreover, there are no hidden charges and incomplete calls are made free of charges. The VoIP users can now pay their bills with their debit or credit cards. Monthly statements of bills are also furnished to help people keep a track of their expenditures related to phone calls. It eases the functioning of the callback service.

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